Hi Fred

I am writing to say thanks for the lessons.

I have been playing golf for 10 years and been to a few different coaches who have taken me to a good level of proficiency but not based on a planned process. I now feel that what you are teaching me will help me to be more consistent, be more confident in my swing and lower my handicap.

I am really enjoying the lessons and appreciate your enthusiasm especially when I get it right.

I have started to drive 40 to 50 m further than before and my short game technique which I now have available to me will hold me in good stead once I get it more consistent. I am still a little conservative on the course as compared with the driving range but I know this will be overcome as I spend more time practicing on the course.

My mates are commenting on my more professional swing, can’t ask for much more than that.

Thanks for all of the help. I now need to convert the lessons into more consistent golf.

I will be in for more lessons as time permits.


Mark Evans
















Hi Fred

Had some spare time today so went to the driving range fresh from our coaching session yesterday. Have to say I was quite amazed by how well I was striking the ball at times, hitting it up to 150-154 metres with my 7 iron! Previously the furthest I’ve EVER hit that club is around 135 metres but today some of my mis-hits still managed to go nearly that far.

Needless to say, really pleased with results and that’s after only one session. That leg drive really does make a massive difference, can’t wait to see what happens as I get better at it.

Will book in another session when I can but wanted to say thanks again.

Richard Muehlaur


Hi Fred,

I hope you are having a relaxed weekend. This is just to update you a couple of items.

Firstly, I won the Captain’s Prize for 2016 after about 6 weekends of qualifying and match playing. Yesterday I played 36 holes for the finals teeing off in near darkness and finishing all square after 18 being 2 down at the turn. The afternoon 18 was slightly different story. I was 3 up at the turn losing only the first and then winning with 5 and 4. The opponent was playing off 7 and myself off 24. Good fun. I played net 68 and 64 for my rounds.

Yes better, but I need more practice with my irons. I definitely had more control of them, thanks to you .

Then on reflection I thought I must get more into my short game as a priority.

I think I need to get some more strength into my hip and waist before I get to the next step (as in my last lesson) in my irons. The “snap” action takes some strength to get some rhythm into the swing I feel. Or I might risk some injury. This I can work on with your help. If you can suggest a few strengthening exercise routines I can work on them. With your approval of course.

Please let me know your thoughts on my strategy. If you are ok with this approach maybe the next session can be on my short game? I am scheduled to see you on 5 April.

Thanks for your efforts with me on my game.

Be safe,

Christie Xavier
















Dear Fred,

In a nutshell, “awesome” is the word I would use to describe the lessons I had with Fred. On first meeting Fred, I immediately felt comfortable and at ease. There is no doubt in my mind that Fred has the knowledge, understanding, patience and experience to improve anyone’s golf game. If you spend any time with Fred, you will feel his passion for the game and for his players. I really like the video you sent after each lesson, giving me the positive feedback and the issues to be addressed. In addition to helping me with my golf skills, Fred has taught me how to succeed with the mental side of the game as well. Fred has become a trusted coach and mentor, I’m so looking forward to our lesson each week. You’re simply the best golf coach I ever met. I would have absolutely no reservation in recommending Fred to anyone wants to improve their game, and have a great time as well.
Kind regards,

Neo Wang



You have been the best mentor and coach imaginable and I can’t thank you enough for what you’ve done for not only my game development wise but for also being a great mate and making me feel welcome in this country! Wishing you all the very best with your new role and I know we’ll stay in touch. You’re the man! 👊

Mikey Murray