Putting with Loft

It seems the Bump-and-Run shot has been forgotten for the most part but my golfers find it easy to learn and wildly effective in tournament play. I had Hall-of-Fame college coach Ed Cottrell teach it to me my first year coaching. I always wished I had known about it when I was a college golfer. I considered myself to be very good around the greens but if I had had this shot in my arsenal I would have been amazing! B&R addressHe called it, “putting with loft.” It’s so easy and effective that all of my golfers see their up-and-in percentage go way up almost instantly after learning it. They think it’s magic. Once you learn how to play the bump and run and learn your distances with each club, you’ll be amazed at how many more shots you make from off the green and how much more often you leave yourself a tap-in. The beauty of this shot is that you learn one shot and use it for multiple clubs. I require all of my golfers to learn how to play this shot with everything from their lob wedge down to their 6 iron.

Note: the Bump-and-Run is intended to be played when you are 2-6 paces off the putting surface with nothing between you and the green.

Here’s how you do it:

B&R set up down lineSet-Up:

Feet are very close together if not touching. Ball is placed off of back foot, weight is mostly on the front foot. Sternum is ahead of the ball. This will position the hands ahead of the ball and give forward lean in the shaft. Notice how the lead wrist is perfectly flat and there is a straight line extending all the way from the shoulder to the clubhead. Also notice how close he stands to the ball – his hands just about touching his thigh.

B&R back


With little to no wrist-hinge take the club back. The lower body should remain quiet. The hands should go no farther than the back edge of your leg. The distance of your backswing will determine how far the ball will go. You need to be consistent with this position to get consistent results. It will feel like a very short stroke at first but after a little practice you should have no problem finishing your backswing here.

B&R through copy


B&R through down lineFinish with the clubhead low. Notice the wrist remains straight. The butt-end of the club is in alignment with the sternum indicating that the there is no “flipping”of the clubhead. Another sign that you have not “flipped” the clubhead through the shot is by checking the position of the clubhead. The face should be “looking” right at the target.

If you have questions about this shot please leave your comments and I will be glad to respond.


  • After Coach had taught me the bump and run, my short game stats became amazing in the first week after perfecting it. Its something very simple and anyone who plays golf can have this in their bag of shots, and its certainly a shot I have top of my list!

  • The bump and run is a great shot for every player to have. Amateur players have a tendency to make things more difficult around the green then it has to be. I wish I had more confidence in this shot to help me save strokes around the green.

  • It is so important for golfers to understand their options around the green. Too many golfers limit their imagination to only 1 or 2 types of chips. We worked a lot on this in the fall coach. Taking several different clubs and making the same length chipping motion at the ball and walking off the paces it traveled. This gave me an arsenal of wedge shots to choose from allowing me to play the most comfortable shot in tournaments.

  • Having this shot in your bag is such an important tool and it really is easy to figure out and learn. It adds so much more consistency to shots around the green and can really save strokes when you miss a green or are in a bit of trouble.

  • I remember this is one of the first lessons you taught us in preseason. Too many amateur players rely on feel around the greens when you can play these pitches just like any other shot on your bag. As soon as you figure out your distances you are golden.

  • Coach,
    I really like this shot. I has added a new dimension to my short game. Before I came to school, I would consider myself a huge feel player. I wouldn’t really know the distances of my shots and I would just rely on feel to get the ball close to the hole. My chipping has become a lot more consistent since I have added this shot into my arsenal.

  • I have begun to use this shot more and more. I find it extremely efficient when I have to deal with grain on the greens. It eliminates that nasty check you can get when chipping into the grain.

  • I have never really used the bump and run that often. Given the way I played my bump and run was much different then this. I will start practicing this soon and hopefully I will be able to master it. This technique looks like it should be very effective and I cant wait to try it.

  • Coach the bump and run had made me so much more confident around the greens. I feel as though any place I am around the green I have a great chance of putting it close! I can’t wait to master this shot with all clubs!

  • Mitchell Campbell

    This is a really efficient way to chip! You showed me this move in Jekyll Island back in the spring and it has changed my short game. My bump and run still needs a lot of work but it has still helped me out. It is a fantastic way to control distance too. Once the move becomes natural you only have to change clubs to change the distance the ball will travel. You can’t argue with science!

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