One of the Funniest Golf Books of 2017

Here is what Charlie Rymer of the Golf Channel said about, 50 Reasons to HATE Golf and Why You Should NEVER Stop Playing!:

“Fred Fruisen does a great job of identifying golf’s intriguing dichotomy. Read this hilarious book and find out why all of us golfers are bat sh*t crazy!”   – Charlie Rymer, Golf Channel

Every golfer has a love/hate relationship with the game of golf. We have all been frustrated to the point of announcing our departure from this infuriating sport only to show up at the course the next day, excited to play again.

This book is a look at this addictive, wonderful, strange, beautiful, exasperating, mystifying sport and the golf culture that has obsessed us all for more than 500 years.

You will certainly see a bit of yourself and your playing partners in its pages.

Available everywhere books are sold.

Hardcover. Only $12.99 usd. Published by punchline ideas.


  • Bill Fisher, 13 Tanglewood Drive, South Glens Falls, NY 12803. 518-580-5827
    Looking forward to reading your book Fred. Thanks.

  • Bill! Good to hear from you! Thanks for ordering my book. I’ll be on the Golf Channel talking about the book on February 14th. I’ll be on Morning Drive. I hope you are doing well. I really enjoyed teaching you. I hope the book makes you laugh. I’ll try and get your copy out to you in the next day or so. I’ll call and get your credit card info.

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